Selection of websites with a Swiss connection

Here you will find information about events and activities organised by the Embassy throughout the UK as well as important travel and visa information for people planning on travelling to Switzerland, and other relevant facts and figures about the country.


Originally constituted in London in 1949 as "The Presidents' Assembly" it was later renamed "Federation of Swiss Societies in the United Kingdom" at the Annual General Meeting of 5 th October 1965. The Federation of Swiss Societies in the United Kingdom, simply known as FOSSUK, is a voluntary, non-profit making, non-party political Organisation of a co-coordinating and interactive nature. FOSSUK and its constituent Societies, Clubs and Institutions, henceforth called Corporate Members, fall within the general guidelines of the Bern-based Organisation of the Swiss Abroad (OSA).


SwissCommunity – The platform for the Swiss Abroad

The Organisation of the Swiss Abroad (OSA) devised and created Its aim is to strengthen the link between the Swiss abroad and Switzerland. The official launch of SwissCommunity took place on 21 August 2010 in St. Gallen as part of the 88th Congress of the Swiss Abroad.

SwissCommunity is a free, high-quality platform exclusively serving the Swiss who have been, are, or will be resident abroad. It is a “club” for international Switzerland, designed and tailored to meet the needs of Swiss people worldwide.

Join SwissCommunity and build up your contacts and links with the Swiss diaspora all over the world, and with Switzerland itself. You will also enjoy an extensive catalogue of offers and services. SwissCommunity is just like you: unique!

SwissCommunity is a global network which keeps Swiss people all over the world in touch.


The Organisation of the Swiss Abroad (OSA) represents Swiss expatriates' interests in Switzerland. It informs Swiss living abroad about what is happening in Switzerland and provides them with a wide selection of services.

The OSA is supported by some 750 Swiss expatriates' associations and Swiss institutions all over the world. It was founded in 1916 and is recognised by the authorities as the representative organ of the Fifth Switzerland. Information and advice on all types of legal, social security insurance and training matters are also provided by the OSA as well as the magazine "Swiss Review" and a wide variety of activities for young Swiss abroad.

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swissinfo is an enterprise of the Swiss Broadcasting Corporation (SBC). Its role is to inform Swiss living abroad about events in their homeland and to raise awareness of Switzerland in other countries. swissinfo achieves this through its nine-language internet news and information platform.

Soliswiss, which is completely free of charge, neutral and independent, provides advice and support when it comes to choosing health insurance, a pension plan, international liability insurance. We also offer checking account and wealth management services.